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Celestial Event Studio

Situated in the heart of Antwerp, close to the central station.

Sint-Erasmusstraat 3
2140 Antwerpen

It might not be the most fancy looking recording studio you have ever seen. The ceiling isn't even painted.

But guess what, that doesn't affect the sound.

I built this whole thing myself from scratch. ​ This means that sound was the most important consideration in every part of the process.

And that the room has a ton of MOJO.

The master at work

I have been recording music for 15 years. I started in my bedroom with a crappy Line6 interface and have slowly worked my way up to realizing my dream: my own, proper recording studio.

Slowly upgrading my stuff has lead to me really knowing all my gear in and out. Some of the equipment I use today has been with me for 10 years already.

If you are interested to see the projects that I have worked on, most of them are on my DISCOGS page.


Its simple. In my opinion, this is the best value for money deal for recording you can get in Belgium and maybe anywhere.

€150 (excl. taxes) per day.

Includes me as engineer.

We start somewhere between 11-13h. 1 day lasts about 7 hours.

I have a lot of experience and dedication, but decide to give my services away almost for free. You can profit from this apparent lack of judgment on my part!

Mixing: Gladly! I love mixing, especially stuff I recorded myself, but all other things too.

Prices for mixing depend on the project.

Please note that it is not possible right now to attend a mixing session. This because I don't have the right space for it and my creative peaks come at strange times, so I might be mixing at 11 in the morning and then again at 3 during the night!

I considered typing out every single piece in my mic locker here, like most studios do.

Then I thought, man, does it even matter?

What you need to know: I have enough mics to mic whatever you bring and I have the knowledge, experience and determination to make it sound great.

Good enough?

Pictures by @TheMountainJesus